Yup validation – Date must be greater than other date

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Yup (found here) can be awesome, it can also be tricky sometimes. For example, conditional validation based on another field may be difficult.

I’ve got an example right here where I have an endDate that must be later than the startDate. A pretty regular occurence right? This is how you can validate that with Yup.

  const validationSchema = Yup.object().shape({
    startDate: Yup.date().nullable().label('Start date').required(),
    endDate: Yup.date()
      .test('is-before-endDate', 'Enddate must be after start date', function (endDate) {
        const startDate = this.resolve(Yup.ref('startDate'))
        if (!startDate || !endDate) return true

        return startDate < endDate

This code snippet validates that the endDate is after the startDate. You may notice that I have added .nullable() to the start date. In my case that is because a user is able to clear the startdate. If you don’t add Nullable(), the validator will crash.

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