Use NuGet packages from a private source (Azure DevOps)

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Before you are able to find/install packages from a private NuGet feed you have to add the feed to your “NuGet Package Manager – Package Sources”.

For an article about how to build and deploy NuGet packages, see:

Visual Studio 2022

Find your private package source in Azure DevOps (Navigate to your project -> Artifacts -> Connect to feed -> Visual Studio):

Azure DevOps - Artifacts window
Azure DevOps - Artifacts window - connect to feed - Visual Studio

Enter the source in Visual Studio (Tools -> Options -> NuGetPackage Manager -> Package Sources) and enter the source you copied from the previous step – Visual Studio might prompt your for credentials

Visual Studio 2022 - NuGet Package Manager - Package Sources

Verify you are able to find your package(s)

NuGet Package manager GUI

That’s all there is to it!

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